History of West Berlin Wesleyan
How it Became Pathway-a Wesleyan church

Original church building

The West Berlin Wesleyan Church traces its roots to meetings that  starting in 1874.  These were probably held in the Hinderleider School.  In 1896, two weeks of revival meetings resulted in the formal  organization of West Berlin Wesleyan Methodist Church.  On November 30,  1902, a new church building was dedicated at the intersection of  Portland and Bliss Roads.  Just across the road from the school house.   Today, the church building still stands.  Over the years, a number of  renovation projects have increased the building's size and utility.

Hinderleider School

The church bought the Hinderleider School in 1963 and it is still in  use.  In August 2003, we broke ground for the construction of  the Ebenezer Center, which was dedicated November 30, 2008.

Ebenezer Center

West Berlin Wesleyan Church grew as Gateway (Wesleyan) in Clarksville closed its doors.  As 2015 ended, the congregation of The Bridge in Saranac, having no adequate meeting place voted to unite with West Berlin.

The year 2016 saw many changes as congregations and cultures merged.  God's spirit of love and unity led the way.

June 12, 2016 West Berlin’s annual Local Church Conference met.  At that meeting the membership voted to change the name of the church.  To allow time for member and friends to be involved in the process, selection of the name was postponed until the first Sunday in October.

October 2, 2016 a special Local Church Conference met.  In the weeks preceding the conference members and friends suggested names and stated their preferences for possible choices.  The conference voted for PATHWAY -- a Wesleyan Church.  That is now our name.